ALTEC Software

ALTEC SOFTWARE is an Altec Group IT Company specialized in the production of business software and the provision of quality services, continuing a successful 30 years course. The software sector includes integrated IT systems for commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes, service providers and private or public organisations.

ALTEC SOFTWARE develops and markets Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P.) and Business Intelligence Systems in both Greece and the European market. It has developed applications in web based, client/server, or web enable environments. In recent years, the Company has also been involved in creating Service Oriented Platforms (SOA). Specifically, since 2002 it has been developing a semantic service platform for the integration of applications, called ONAR (

ALTEC SOFTWARE participates in a large number of European and national research programs, with one of the highest indicators of scientific and research publications in the IT field.

ALTEC SOFTWARE features a Research Programmes Division in Thessaloniki and Research and Development departments (R&D) in Athens and Thessaloniki. These divisions are staffed with experienced personnel and have all the appropriate infrastructure in software and hardware (hardware), meeting the highest standards of modern software development companies.


Ormylia Foundation
63071, Ormylia Chalkidiki, Greece







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